Do Obama and Bush differ that much?

What's the difference between presidents Obama and Bush?


Aside from getting a watered-down form of universal health care passed by Congress, there's been no significant change in our environmental policies. Bush's tax cuts are still in place. Guantanamo is still open, and I don't know that Bush's torture policies aren't still in place. Gun laws are exactly the same. Obama will have to deficit-spend like Bush did in his two terms. Bush's Patriot Act was extended recently. Obama seems to have invested as much money in our military-industrial complex as Bush.

The only significant differences between presidents Bush and Obama? The economy will continue to show small, positive economic gains through Obama's second term, unlike Bush's. And Obama is infinitely better at handling a disaster than Bush. Let's be honest, the Gulf oil spill and the recent tornado disasters in Alabama and Oklahoma under Bush would dog him the rest of his life, like Katrina.

Obama will run as a Democrat and win easily because he's become as much of a populist, Republican-type leader as Bush. Unfortunately, Obama and I have learned, no matter how terribly the country's doing, a president will only be allowed by a majority to create positive change until the first moment there's a sign the crash has been averted.

Obama realized this when he lost the House of Representatives and immediately made the shift to doing only what the majority seems to want at any given time, which is increasingly conservative. And it's simply amazing to me how violent so many conservatives feel toward Obama, when well over 90 percent of his policies are no different from Bush's.

So, why elect a Republican president in 2012, when we seem to have had one for most of the past three years?

Nathan Kirby




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