Ryan plan much better than Obamacare

Anyone accepting the premise of a current Democrat-sponsored TV ad -- showing an actor apparently portraying Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., pushing "Granny" and her wheelchair off a cliff -- should take a closer look at Obamacare's planned plunder of $500 billion from Medicare to help pay for it.


Rep. Ryan's proposal leaves the Medicare benefits untouched for current seniors ages 55 and older, while laying out a framework to reduce federal involvement in the program and allow it to finally become fiscally viable.

On top of the $500 billion carve-out, Obamacare mandates a 15-member Independent Payment Advisory Board, an unelected and unaccountable bureaucratic entity with nearly limitless power over federal Medicare spending, to administer an adjustable cap on provider charges. Mightn't this tend to promote such low reimbursements as to foster Medicare rejections by providers, resulting in de facto rationing?

In the present environment, no fix is going to immediately provide all the needed answers, but a cost-reducing fix is absolutely necessary to keep Medicare afloat. Such disingenuous ads as the one described above do nothing but continue to show us the underlying motivation of the typical "progressive" politician -- re-election by any means available, however devious or misleading, with little regard for, or memory of, the real reasons we sent him or her to Washington.

In our burgeoning, entitlement-laden welfare state -- where slightly less than half of the adult population actually pay income tax and 15 percent collect food stamps -- it doesn't require rocket science to figure out how we amassed our $14.4 trillion debt. It will take something akin to rocket science, however, to convince the voters on the receiving end that this trend must be reversed. If it isn't, then God better bless America, because she's on an accelerating path to implosion.

Terrence Bedell




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