Change Highland Avenue intersection to make it safer

This letter is addressed to all the "intellectuals" out there who rely on proof, statistics, charts, analysis, etc., to instigate change in our community.


I'm a simple girl with a simple mind. I see change when it is the right thing to do -- change that benefits people, especially children, not change that benefits, say, traffic control.

In November my 6-year-old son was hit by a car on Highland Avenue while walking home from school in his residential neighborhood. Since his accident, there have been at least three more in the same area.

This seems to be a good reason for change on this road -- change that causes traffic to come to a complete stop, all four ways, to allow children to cross the street without the uncertainty that they may be hit.

What does it take in our Augusta community to get things done? I guess it's just as our 21-year-old son said: "Mom, they won't do anything until someone gets killed." His brother came really close, as did many others in the past few months.

Wake up, traffic control engineers! It's not all about the traffic flow! Some things just take common sense!



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