America must stand with brave Israel

Just wondering: How is democracy working out in the Middle East?


People are loose on the streets. Anarchy reigns. One peaceful nation remains, and now the United States is ready to throw Israel under the bus by giving Gaza, the West Bank and half of Jerusalem to the Palestinian Authority -- a.k.a. a "revived" Fatah and Hamas terrorist coalition, organized under Mahmoud Abbas, America's "former" friend, but only while the friendship proved beneficial to his cause of deconstructing Israel.

No other ally like Israel exists in the Middle East, which shares Judeo-Christian principles and protects freedom of religion to all peoples within its borders. What other nations deign to do so? An attack on Israel is an open attack on Jewish and Christian religious principles. This is a holy war, and the Muslims will not stop until every knee is bowed to their prophet!

The American public and Congress need to provide unprecedented support of Israel. Americans must be made to understand the concepts of Hamas violence, the terroristic tactics of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the degree of Syrian oppression and the threat to the world of a nuclear Iran. As an ally of the United States, Israel fights the war on our behalf in all of these arenas.

Appeasement hasn't worked. Israel has made concessions and has given away land for peace -- piece by piece by piece.

If the Palestinians were interested in peace, they would not glorify terrorism and suicide bombers, nor delegitimize Israel in world forums and universities.

A true peace partner wouldn't celebrate the birthdate of the state of Israel with rioting in the streets; a true peace partner would acknowledge and accept Israel as a Jewish state through both words and actions.

Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas signed a reconciliation agreement in Cairo for the purpose of showing a "united" Palestinian front with plans to request admittance into the United Nations as a member nation and establish a Palestinian state inside Israel without Israeli negotiations.

Neither party acknowledges Israel's right to exist, nor have the two groups decided who will lead this united effort. The Hamas Charter calls for Islam to "abolish" Israel and for Muslims to "fight the Jews and kill them." It further proclaims, "There is no solution to the Palestinian problem except jihad."

I pray the United States will have the courage and strength of conviction to exercise a veto in the Security Council and keep the last stronghold of peace intact in the Middle East.

Ellen Underwood




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