Colleges pushing secular humanism

Perhaps the dominant theme of recent editorials in The Augusta Chronicle has been President Obama, Democrats and the economy. Virtually getting a free ride are two local major institutions: Augusta State University and the Georgia Health Sciences University. ASU is an officially secular (humanist) institution. Conservative biblical Christianity is anathema to the campus, as recently evidenced by the counseling-psychology debate. Evangelical Christians are put down in class, and belief in the Bible as knowledge is severely criticized, if at all allowed to be mentioned.


The teachings of GHSU are more subtle. The official stance of modern medicine is secular humanism, and any opposition to evolution is just not allowed in its "scientific" literature. Medicine embraces homosexuality and sexual perversion in all its forms under the banner of being "nonjudgmental." The campus honors Earth Day and World AIDS Day -- celebrations of humanists -- but it would absolutely forbid a prayer "in Jesus' name."

They may claim separation of church and state, but that is a tired refrain that has no constitutional basis, and denies their own religious commitment. As secular institutions, their strong and bold statement of faith lies in man without God. Of course, the same ideology exists on campuses in all 50 states.

While The Chronicle, Tea Partiers and true conservatives rail against Obama, Democrats and their effects on the economy, these institutions continue to pour out graduates indoctrinated in secular humanism. We, as a nation, will never be "under God" and solve what ails us until we understand the comprehensive evil that exists among us.

ASU and GHSU are getting free rides in their support of these problems that are destroying our country.

Ed Payne, M.D.