Obama's Israel stance shameful

I want to offer congratulations to Jimmy Carter. He has become the second-worst president in U.S. history. Even Millard Fillmore was better.


What President Obama has done to our relations with Israel is unbelievable. How he could demand that the borders between Israel and Palestinian territory revert back to 1967 is beyond comprehension.

If that were to occur, Israel would be easy to divide into two indefensible portions by the Palestinians.

The Palestinian Authority, Hamas and other radical groups have one common goal: the elimination of all Jews and the destruction of the American way of life.

Every time Israel has made concessions to promote peace in the area, they have been stabbed in the back by the Palestinians. Now Israel has been stabbed in the back by our inept president.

To paraphrase first lady Michelle Obama: I have never been less proud to be an American than right now, regarding this issue.

President Obama needs to go back to what he knows best -- community organizing -- and stay out of foreign relations, and let someone handle them who has a clue.

Please, Mr. Obama, continue to have your parties and your vacations, and play golf -- and leave the important stuff to real professionals.

Mike Booth



Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:16

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