Start hiring? It's not that simple

I was again amazed at the words that have flowed from the mouth of our illustrious president recently: that economic recovery is in the hands of the business owners, and that they need to get off their cans and start hiring workers, and this will turn the economy around.


There it is, the answer to everything. Let's all start hiring this very moment.

Whoa, wait a minute though, Mr. President. As business owners, we have to evaluate critical decisions and make them with long-term interest of the company in mind. Unlike Obama, business owners cannot spend money they don't have -- that is, if they want to survive. Our buckets have a shallow bottom.

These are the same business owners that face ever-increasing challenges, taxes, and fees that make it harder and harder to maintain, much less expand. The impact of Obama's health-care program has yet to be seen, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that it will not be friendly to business.

Hire workers? That's simple enough. When is Obama going to step up to the plate and do his job, and move this economy in the right direction? Consumer spending is required to keep business alive. Make it easier to survive in business, and we will be happy to expand and hire employees.

Obama's agenda from day one has been to punish and penalize the successful who take the chances and hire the workers, and to reward undeserving others. How many of those are creating jobs and hiring workers?

Jimmy Rivers




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