Take better ownership of our safety

I recently watched the movie The King's Speech . In one scene the Archbishop of Canterbury tells the king about his duties. The king's duties were much like the American president's duties: to lead and follow the advice of the Congress and the will of the American people -- neither of which President Obama has done. His arrogance knows no bounds.


And he takes credit for what he hasn't done. Americans can thank George W. Bush for "nailing" Osama bin Laden. He set the plan in action. Also, thank the American military, particularly the Navy SEALs, for a job well done .

Americans may not agree with the "current" wars, or the deployments in places such as Afghanistan or Pakistan and elsewhere, but you should thank all of the men and women who serve this country.

I believe at least four more years should be added to the number of years an individual needs to graduate high school. Two of those years should be served in VISTA or the Peace Corps, and the other two in a branch of the military. Military service should be mandatory for men and women.

Americans can no longer be irresponsible for their own safety.

Victoria E. Antonacci




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