Why are we keeping them in office?

Of each dollar that our government spends, 41 cents is borrowed money -- some of which only pays interest on our debt. The "BRIC" nations -- Brazil, Russia, India and China -- want a new world reserve currency instead of the declining dollar.


"Energy independence" is a meaningless slogan while our government is denying production of our own oil and gas resources. This is a real conspiracy against low- and middle-income Americans because they have to spend a much higher percentage of their income for energy as opposed to our high-income brethren and overpaid politicians. Gas at $5 per gallon does not faze their lifestyle.

Democrats for the little guy? What a cruel joke. Remember, Congress wrote the tax laws with loopholes for the corporate big guys.

We are still going to be an oil-driven society for 20 years-plus. You can't convert 6 million vehicles on the road to natural gas and batteries in that period.

The Obama-Bernanke-Geithner economic team and the Environmental Protection Agency dictatorship are punishing the American people, and we are sitting still for it and keeping them in office?

Let's not keep shooting ourselves in the feet and inhaling all these socialist lies.

Siegfried von Schweinitz



Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:16

Prejudice still with us

Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:16

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