What respect have radicals shown us?

In response to your editorial "A picture of restraint" (May 6): You must have recalled a time in the past two decades when Muslim radicals, Hamas, jihadists, or al-Qaida praised us for our "class" or thanked us for not "spiking the ball." Or perhaps the media missed the occasion when these guys apologized for cutting off journalist Daniel Pearl's head in front of the cameras.


Do you actually believe that, deep in their hearts, these Islamic radicals are moved by the sorrow they have inflicted on us? True, we do not have to stoop to their level of depravity, but everyone's already seen bloody pictures of three terrorists holed up with Osama bin Laden. As you said, "To heck with them."

We do not have to prove we're classy by withholding the pictures of bin Laden, nor do we have to think twice about deference toward religious zealots. You said that facts have never gotten in the way of a Muslim doing what he wants anyway.

We show our class and restraint by refusing to throw the whole Muslim religion off the constitutional bus. We are careful to discern the crazies in Islam from the half-million who live in the United States peaceably.

We have lost the timing opportunity now, so "revisiting" the picture problem is a lost cause. Showing the pictures of a dead bin Laden to the Muslim world would be deliberately to affect them. The sight is proof-positive of whom they're dealing with.

Sadly, Obama has a spine of warm pasta. He had to "sleep on it overnight," thus bumping into bad weather and a postponement, even though this mission had been rehearsed to precision.

Pam Shumway

McCormick, S.C.

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