Government's reach invades our bodies

Our U.S. representative, Paul Broun Jr., got elected by promising smaller government and less business regulation -- but as soon as he and his fellow conservatives got elected, they rushed to put big government regulations on the personal freedom and privacy of women's bodies.


To them, government should stay out of pharmacies and food safety, but should govern my uterus? Businesses get a lot of special treatment these days, so I was thinking: If lawmakers and other politicians see my uterus and my body as a business, maybe they'll work to get the government out of the uterus-regulation business as they do for every other company, and work to deregulate it? I'm encouraging my gay friends to incorporate their bedrooms for the same reason.

When the government grows a uterus, it can have a choice about its desire to reproduce or not. Until then, it can stay out of my mine. It is a double standard that attacks women specifically.

Why hasn't legislation been introduced to make it illegal to prescribe Viagra and other erectile-dysfunction drugs to unmarried men? If abstinence is the only method of birth control that conservatives in Congress are promoting, they should not support sexual promiscuity among males -- unless of course, the only objective is to control the sexual habits of women while letting men impregnate at will.

Conservatives' philosophy is small government for the guys and big government for the gals -- and it is pure hypocrisy. Ladies, incorporate your uteri now and start lobbying for deregulation immediately.

Amanda Lang, Ph.D.




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