Lawsuit gives the CSRA a bad image

Regarding the article "Ministers' suit faces obstacles" (May 9): Why are the ministers being allowed to even institute a lawsuit challenging any political entity?

As a religious group, the Baptist Ministers Conference of Augusta has tax-exempt status. If it doesn't pay taxes, it has no standing to complain. Perhaps if the IRS and the Georgia Department of Revenue revoked its tax-exempt status and notified the group to not forget filing a tax return next year, I would be more sympathetic to its cause.

For those who would ask me about my South Carolina residency and why I am commenting: I live in the CSRA, and as such am deeply concerned as to the picture the outside world is getting of my home area. So far, it's not pretty, and this is not making it any easier for jobs and prosperity to come to the CSRA.

Jerry O'Connor

North Augusta, S.C.

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