Disaster relief groups need your help

I am a Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief worker, and I recently returned from a deployment to Madison. Yes, Madison, Ga.!


Very few know that places as close to us as Madison were affected by tornadoes recently. Probably two F1 tornadoes tore a swath through crowded neighborhoods. Thank the Lord there were no deaths, but there was devastation just the same.

It is heartwarming to hear of organizations and churches sending people to the stricken areas. However, unless they are trained in clean-up and recovery or taking supplies, they are not going to be able to do much.

Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief is highly trained teams working in five different disciplines: clean-up and recovery; feeding; chaplaincy; communications; and child care. We go in with a plan and with the cooperation of the local governments, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

Areas such as Ringold were only opened to us in the past few days because they were still combing through the rubble for survivors or bodies.

Unfortunately, if the homes are totally gone, there is really no cutting away of trees/limbs off houses. But our chaplains and communications experts are working diligently. Our clean-up and recovery and feeding teams are spread out in many communities across Georgia. In Madison, the work is almost complete.

We are not sure if we will be relocated to another community at this time.

If anyone is interested in becoming a part of Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief, please contact your local Southern Baptist church or the North American Mission Board/Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief on the web, at gabaptist.org. Our mission is "serving Christ in a crisis."

Cindy Greenwell




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