Writer is equal-opportunity offender

It looks like I struck a nerve with quite a few people when I suggested that we amend the Constitution and have a formal job application with a specific set of requirements and guidelines for anyone running for the presidency of the United States ("Leadership is lacking in our country," March 29).


Comments made to my letter online and in the paper said that I hated Obama and the Democrats. One writer said that I was mentioned on the left-leaning website The Daily Kos .

For the record, I'm an independent voter. I hate ignorance and stupid people who blindly follow someone because he acts cool. Now that President Obama has directed the killing of Osama bin Laden, he'll ride that horse for all it's worth -- but he still deserves credit for getting him.

Having said the above, I slammed Obama for his socialist policies and his misguided decisions. I don't care what color he is or what religion he practices.

When Republicans were attacking President Clinton daily, I slammed them . Why? I felt that assaulting a seated president on the taxpayers' dime was counterproductive and looked bad in the eyes of the world. His sexual escapades shouldn't have taken priority over the country's affairs.

When I made reference to being a Marine Vietnam veteran, I was accused of smoking some funny stuff because I said the Constitution was outdated. For your information, I became a cop and locked up people who smoked funny stuff.

As for those running for president who have no governing or leadership background: What makes you think that we the people are going to vote for you?

Gregory J. Topliff

Warrenville, S.C.

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