Rude visitors ruined Sunday

This past Sunday, there was an event on the river. I do not know what the party was celebrating. I do know that it went on for several hours, leaving my back yard -- the river -- flooded with morons who carry air horns and no manners.


I know living on the river means you're open to what goes on in it. Boat races and rowing crews are pretty normal. Whatever the heck they were doing Sunday is not the average type of get-together down on the river.

As a bonus, my subdivision was a one-way street since cars were parked dangerously up one side and down the other. Despite signs warning outsiders that the boat dock is for residents only, everyone clearly feels the rules won't be enforced since they simply come down and do as they please.

I wanted a calm Sunday afternoon, but it seemed my party neighbors got a boost since everyone apparently came in from the city to join up. Gee, thanks Augusta.

Margaret Griffon

North Augusta, S.C.




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