Rethink your opinion on spending less

When commenting on some states looking at new taxes to upkeep roads and bridges, The Augusta Chronicle stated that instead of angling for more ways to extract more money out of us, governments should just figure out ways to spend less of it. This looks like a "ready, fire, aim" reaction to the term "government."


I am all for small government -- I've voted Republican since 1964 -- but this comment seems odd coming from an organization such as The Augusta Chronicle that has almost doubled the amount of money it has extracted from me to keep my subscription in the past few years. You would be more credible if you could lower your prices first, then show us how this is done.

Further, major maintenance on roads and bridges are performed by contractors, not by full-time government employees. Your challenge would be better issued to private companies to figure out how to do maintenance at less cost to government. Or would you prefer a private-company solution in which we sell all the roads and bridges then pay tolls to the private companies when we use the facilities? The Garden State Parkway in New Jersey comes to mind.

This would certainly lower the amount of money we send the government. I doubt it would save the users money.

Don Hallman

North Augusta, S.C.