Everyone must pay their fair share

This responds to the April 28 letter to the editor "At some point, you have enough money."


First of all, enough is enough when people who are bright, ambitious, and provide valuable services to others in a capitalistic society decide to no longer work. How one equates wrongdoing with wealth is simply flawed logic, and it is not how this country became great or will be great again!

When you look at the "half-empty glass," the problem in this country is not with those who have accumulated "wealth," but with the quantum move to a socialistic society in which almost half the population pay no income taxes and rely on entitlements from the government to survive.

We are at that point where there are more people in the cart than are pulling it! Remember, the top 10 percent of the income earners in this country pay almost 70 percent of the taxes today.

The moral argument and redistribution theory is another amazing twist promulgated by the liberal element in this country. In their preaching, however, they fail to mention the overly generous nature of this country in responding to every national or world disaster. We are the most generous nation by far in the world, and I can assure that generosity does not flow from those who are "on the take."

We need to get back to the position of everyone paying their fair share and end this entitlement mind-set for those who simply would prefer to sit back with their hands out than earn an honest dollar's pay for an honest dollar's work!



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