Budget antics constitute treason

The Oscar for the most treasonous performance in an elected role goes jointly to Congress and the president of the United States.


Bill Clinton has a problem with the truth, so what were we thinking when he claimed "the era of big government is over"? Corruption loves big government. It is easier to steal millions when the total budget is in trillions!

Liberals reason: How can conservatives shut down the government, which does such good things for us? President Obama's reason for his historic spending basically was: "I won!" The reason for the House of Representatives requiring historic spending cuts should be: "We won!"

One of the first things members of the House of Representatives did this term was read the Constitution on the House floor. House Resolution 1 was passed to fund the government for fiscal year 2011. The spending cuts were small in comparison to the deficit.

But the Senate and the president treated H.R. 1 as a joke. Many in government think the Constitution is only a suggestion that can be ignored when they wish. The enumerated powers are an outdated list. Too many clueless politicians speak of America as a democracy rather than a republic. Many Americans are clueless about the difference.

The problem with the Nanny State giving out government suckers every time someone -- legal or illegal -- cries is that everyone is taught to work less and wait for their suckers. America became great because of our Constitution and free-market capitalism. We will fail as a nation when we forget that.

Chuck Tatum

North Augusta, S.C.


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