News outlets should be more informative

According to an Augusta Chronicle report March 5, the Arabic multi-language media outlet Al-Jazeera has gained more recognition as a factual news reporting service lately, as mentioned by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


The Arabic broadcaster apparently has graduated from an anti-American propaganda mouthpiece to a more factual, real news station tuned into by Europeans and in other countries. I was impressed by some of their news programs in England -- by the lack of Islamic or socialist hate speech.

My reason for bringing this up is an increasing disappointment in our own networks' declining quality of information. Most of our supposedly unbiased news from CNN and others is limited.

Fox News has more conservative and realistic reporting, even though it gets to be more repetitious, with the dragging-out of irrelevant stories interrupted by endless offensive commercials!

Bill O'Reilly brings some good political analysis, but then his arrogant interruptions during interviews become awkward before he lowers himself to bore us with Charlie Sheen stories.

The world is burning in 100 places, and we need to demand better information and education!



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