Liberal policies keep minorities down

After recently reading an article on slavery in the United States, I was struck by the similarities between the slavery of old and the effective re-implementation of the institution today.


Granted, the 13th Amendment to the Constitution ended the outright ownership of another human being in this country. But it did nothing to rein in the arrogance of the liberal ruling class who wish to "own" the votes and minds of minorities by telling them ad nauseum they cannot succeed in this society without their patriarchal protection.

This type of political slavery is a travesty inflicted upon a people who have already suffered enough indignities in this country.

Until minorities understand they are nothing more than chattel to the liberal Democratic Party, political slavery will continue to survive in America.

The difference now is that the plantation is the federal generational welfare system, and the plantation owners are the liberal Democratic Party.

My hope is that they and their leadership will awaken and throw off the political shackles placed upon them by guilt-ridden progressives, and realize they too can succeed in this country without the help of left-wing carpetbaggers who want to keep them on the plantation.

Liberals define compassion by how many people are on welfare. Conservatives define compassion by how many no longer need it.

William R. Davis




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