Muslims are helping thwart terrorism

If U.S. Rep. Peter King wanted to know what the Muslim community is doing to thwart terrorism (or not), he could have picked up a newspaper or quietly asked the FBI. Instead, he grandstanded in public hearings that will only be detrimental to the United States -- all for the sake of Republican King appealing to his xenophobic, Tea Party base. He has further alienated a community persecuted by his ilk.


What the record states:

- 2010: The Oregon Christmas tree bombing was diverted because of a Muslim informant.

- 2010: Muslim Alioune Niass spotted the suspicious vehicle used as a bomb to attack Times Square in New York City.

- 2010: Farooque Ahmed's alleged attempt to attack the subway system in Washington, D.C., was initially brought to the attention of authorities by a "source in the Muslim community."

- 2010: Mohammed Mahmoud Alessa and Carlos Eduardo Almonte are arrested, after the FBI receives an anonymous report in 2006 from one of the suspects' family members.

l 2009: Mosque leaders in Raleigh, N.C., contacted law enforcement about "violent, threatening action ... considered to be dangerous," leading to the arrest of Daniel Boyd and six others.

- 2006: Muslims in Ohio provided information helping to arrest and convict three suspects planning attacks in Iraq.

- 2003: FBI received tips from Muslims notifying them "military-style training" was being conducted by Ali al-Tamimi. The tip set in motion an investigation leading to the arrest of the so-called "Paintball 11" in Virginia.

l 2002: Members of the "Lackawanna 6" are arrested. The FBI became aware of their activities when a local Muslim tipped them off.

The record clearly shows Muslims working with U.S. authorities to thwart terrorists within their ranks. I fear that it may stop because of King's inane desire to make points with the Tea Party crowd.

Michael Ledo

Windsor S.C.



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