St. Patrick's Day special for Augustans

A man whose humble beginnings in the country of Ireland has profound, rich, Irish-ancestral, spiritual, human and noble implications for all in the city of Augusta every March 17.


That is when we celebrate the feast of St. Patrick with a Holy Mass at the Church of the Most Holy Trinity at noon, by local clergy and deacons and laity from all four parishes in the area participating there -- followed by a parade, dance, food and fellowship activities on the riverfront.

Who actually is St. Patrick of Armagh? He is the patron saint of Ireland, whose very courage and bravery and heroic life has given testimony of the depth of Irish traditions such as the faith in the one God in three divine beings -- Father, Son and Holy Spirit. St Patrick's Day underscores the rich hearth of family prayer, unity and devotion to saints and Blessed Mother Mary, the Irish deep love of country, lore, legend and laughter.

The roots of Irish Catholicism run deep there and in the city of Augusta, whose Irish families realize those Irish roots are the basis of their own rich traditions, beliefs, customs and devotions.

St. Patrick was a staunch teacher of the Irish Catholic way of life to share their Catholic faith in God's holy teachings in his son, Jesus Christ. St. Patrick was a tireless warrior of Catholic orthodoxy and taught about God and love of God to bring us all closer to our Savior, in our pilgrimage of faith, to be the best example of Christianity that God could offer the whole world.

So we do owe a big grateful thanks to St. Patrick for sticking to his Irish principles and convictions that God is the first and foremost author of life to whom we owe love and respect and worship daily for all blessings.

To this man, we have a feast day here in Augusta to celebrate the rich Irish traits, traditions and family bonds we have with our Irish forebears. Amen! Thanks be to God for the exemplary man and saint, Patrick, to whom we pay special regard on March 17.

The Rev. Michael Lubinsky


(The writer is parochial vicar of the Church of the Most Holy Trinity in Augusta.)



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