Promote more jobs and pay off our debt

President Obama has injected government into the private sector, costing the American taxpayers unimaginable debt.


Considering his intervention, I believe our government should partner with the steel mills that have been shut down around the country, turning them into recycling plants. Take that unspent stimulus money and unused TARP money and revamp the mills.

There are billions of tons of scrap metal lying around the country that can be recycled and sold, instead of sending out our scrap metal to places such as China and getting back junk metal. We could be exporting superior products. The profits from a 50-50 partnership could go to numerous projects, all the while cleaning up the junk around the country.

I also believe the government should build at least six new oil refineries -- two on the East Coast, two on the West Coast and two on the Gulf Coast.

If oil companies get permits from our government to drill on government land, which we own, then why aren't we benefiting from the profits? Don't we also own the oil? If the government is acting on our behalf, it makes sense that we should partner with the oil companies on a 50-50 basis. They can run the operations, but now they should pay us back for drilling our oil.

The profits would pay down the national debt and various infrastructure projects when the debt is satisfied. Strict laws would be implemented to use the money wisely. There would have to be a vote by the people on any major changes to keep greedy politicians from abusing it. We also could be charged a buck a gallon at the pump.

Think about the jobs the above would create, as well as the relief to the taxpaying public.

Gregory J. Topliff

Warrenville, S.C.



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