Let vaccine study settle autism dispute

The question "to vaccinate or not to vaccinate" is as controversial as it was five years ago.


Information and passionate opposing viewpoints flood the media and now the bookstores. Vaccine Epidemic is the newest book that makes a case for vaccine choice as a fundamental human right. There are many essays by lawyers, scientists and historians and a number of poignant, personal stories. This book revisits the whole United States vaccine program.

Regardless what you read -- both sides are not a bad idea -- this debate is not going away anytime soon. The autism numbers are climbing, and schools are unable to meet the challenges. Soon there will be close to a million children reaching adulthood, and the United States has no plans in place for them, and limited resources.

Those who believe unsafe vaccines are related to autism are begging for a vaccinated-vs.-unvaccinated study of children that will settle this dispute. If the study finds that there is one out of 58 unvaccinated young boys suffering from autism to match the numbers of vaccinated, then it would be settled. This study has never been done and there are tens of thousands of unvaccinated children, so it would not be unethical.

Maurine Meleck

North Augusta, S.C.



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