Black commissioners get undue scrutiny

It seems to be a pattern with the daily newspaper to harshly criticize black Augusta commissioners when they question issues of concern to their constituents.


And that pattern is becoming more apparent as time passes.

First, it was Marion Williams. The paper never had much good to say about him after he was elected to office as a commissioner. However, before that, when he was running to replace Freddie Handy, Mr. Williams walked on water, and was the best thing since sliced bread, as far as The Chronicle was concerned.

Now, like Mr. Williams, Commissioner Alvin Mason is the culprit, the one holding back progress, according to your editorial. What is wrong with getting information before committing to a vote? As I understand it, none of the commissioners are against giving the administrator additional powers to make the government run efficiently. The questions are how do you do it and do it legally. The city attorney is just that -- an attorney, not a judge.

In the wake of all these opinions floating around, the court is the only place that can settle this issue.

Let's get a ruling there and move forward ASAP.