Can't these letter writers ever let up?

Another jewel of wisdom, from chronic letter writer Victor Reilly, in the Jan. 26 Chronicle ("Average worker needs more money"). In the letter, the writer coins several ignorant new phrases.


"Excessive income inequality" means everyone should make about the same amount of money, whether you earn it or not.

"Spendable income beyond subsistence" is incredibly intelligent! Everyone should have some extra pocket money! We can be sure it won't be spent on drugs or alcohol. Why not give all our money to the IRS and let them give everyone an equal amount?

Last month, in his regular letter ("Ordinary folks just trying to get ahead," Dec. 27), Mr. Reilly blamed our economic woes on Republicans. This month, the rising cost of health care is to blame. I guess Republicans passed Obamacare.

Not to be outdone, another compulsive letter writer, Nathan Kirby, blames the shooting of Gabriel Giffords on Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck ("Conservative talks stir up anger," Jan. 27). How original! Pima County, Ariz., Sheriff Clarence Dupnick, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, Lowell Greenbaum and a host of other left-wing liberals beat that horse to death weeks ago. Parrots can only repeat what they hear; intelligent people can have an original thought.

We should be hearing from Kevin Palmer pretty soon; his 30-day waiting time is almost up. Last month he thought closing Laney-Walker Boulevard was a major concern of the African-American community. I think they are more concerned with jobs, housing and opportunities for their children. All the howling is being done by a handful of their wealthy citizens, unsupported by the working class.

Letters to the editor should be limited to one every 60 or 90 days. Let these chronic letter writers find another way to entertain themselves.

Sorry, no big words or complex phrases to make me sound intelligent. I will leave that to my letter-writing idols.

John Sullivent


Average worker needs more money
Ordinary folks just trying to get ahead
Conservative talkers stir up anger