Why is the president speaking up now?

I find it pathetic that our President Obama chose the memorial service in Tuscon to finally speak out regarding the vitriolic speech in our country and to ask for civility. Was he not on this planet for the two-plus years when all we heard from the liberal Democrats and the liberal mainstream media was the horrible bashing of President George W. Bush? You all heard it, I'm sure. I don't have to go into the disgusting things that were said about President Bush.

It didn't matter to Obama then what was said and what the political climate was. Had he spoken up much sooner, he probably would have amassed millions of conservative votes.

I did not at the time of his campaigning, and still do not, agree with any of his policies. However, I would have truly admired him for trying to change the climate then. Maybe he spoke up now because 2012 isn't that far away.

Pat Tortorello

McCormick, S.C.



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