Left should tone down hateful rhetoric

The tragic events of Saturday in Tuscon, Ariz., have brought about comments from the left that really go beyond any sense of reason or civility that they wish those on the right to have to live by.


Have any leftists considered wrong similar language by those on the left? How about those on the left who called for the death of President Bush? What about the rhetoric of the likes of Cindy Sheehan, Chris Matthews and others toward many on the right? Is that rhetoric to stop? Is it wrong? I doubt that in their mind it is.

In reality, the rhetoric of Tea Party activists, Rush Limbaugh and others has not been a call to violence; it's been a call to change government. That's not hate and it's not wrong -- it's what our Founders intended when they established the right to free speech!

It's the left that must tone down its rhetoric!

Kevin Wells




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