Babies' deaths in 2010 go unchallenged

"A deadly year" read The Augusta Chronicle's Jan. 2 headline -- 38 dead by the hands of others in "one of the worst years for homicides in Augusta."


Rightfully, we should regret those tragic, violent and deadly events. But the great concern for these deaths reflects the priorities of our society at large in Augusta and in the nation.

Where are the headlines for the hundreds of abortions in Augusta in 2010? For the million-plus killed nationally? We have huge charitable and government programs for the disenfranchised, the poor, the defenseless and the underprivileged that reflect our righteous concern. But there is little concern relatively for the most defenseless of our society.

The unborn are in every sense fully human. They are not potentially people or those having future "personhood." One must reason fancifully to justify abortion, just as the Supreme Court did in its reference to "privacy" and some sort of penultimate legality. If one thinks otherwise, then apply the same reasoning to the murders listed in The Chronicle to justify the perpetrators.

The right as well as the left is just as guilty. The right has divided political concerns into economic issues and social issues. That also is fanciful reasoning. For a small sum, a life that would have immediate and considerable consumer impact, and later powerful earning potential, is removed from those economic realities. Multiply those economic impacts by some 50,000 on the local economy and 50 million nationally to see how this "social" issue is one of the most important economic issues on the modern scene.

To borrow from the Bible, "Righteousness exalts (a city and) a nation." Killing does not, whatever its form -- especially when it is legal. The government of Augusta is concerned about economic issues and homicides. I suggest they be as concerned about our unborn being children, not "choices."

Ed Payne, M.D.


(The writer is a retired Medical College of Georgia associate professor.)



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