So John Barrow calls this 'working'?

Rep. John Barrow sends a super-expensive mailout claiming he's "working for our district." It includes a list of federal spending that -- since the feds are broke -- is clearly hurting us rather than helping anybody.


His list includes "tours" he's taken. Who the heck does that help, but his ego and his own political future?

He "hosted free dental clinics." "Free?" Somebody pays -- the taxpayer; and government dental clinics are unconstitutional.

He "held a job fair." Alas, "job fairs" don't create jobs. They display lists that might or might not be jobs.

He claims he "stands up for our district," while he continues to help President Obama spend our money that doesn't even exist.

He brags of "securing much-needed funding for local projects." "Local projects" are not the business, nor under the constitutional authority, of the federal government -- thus Barrow is helping Obama hook locals on illegal federal handouts.

Barrow is "solving" no one's problems; he's just continuing to create more problems for the Georgians who actually work and then pay the exorbitant federal taxes.

Bill Dekle