Bicyclists shouldn't hog roads, either

In response to S.G. von Schweinitz's letter to the editor ("Accommodating bicycles is just smart," Dec. 28), I agree bicycling is an excellent activity, but there seems to be little justification to building "bicycle interstates" across the community and state. Simple recreational trails shared with walkers and hikers should be more than adequate, and already exist for the most part.

Mr. von Schweinitz's argument that we should emulate the British and collectively achieve 44 mpg would produce a dramatic shortfall of funds to maintain the road and bridge infrastructure in the state. These facts are irrelevant and really have no bearing on the central theme of "bicycles in the community."

The real question is: Should bicycles be allowed to operate on our roads and highways? Certainly they should. But when "competitive-minded riders" think it is OK to ride two or even three abreast, taking up a whole lane of roadway, the activity becomes dangerously unacceptable, along with running stop signs and red lights.

C.W. Ashby


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