Muslims noted for promoting peace

Thank you for providing an open forum in your newspaper. We need the dialogue among us to understand each other for the sake of peace, harmony and civility.


God has made it incumbent upon us to respect each other and love each other. This is from the teachings of Abraham, who was the initiator of the major religions of the world: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

We must not trample these fine Abrahamic principles of humanity due to politics, arrogance and ego. The three great messengers and prophets, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad, taught the worship of the one-and-only God and the dignity of human beings.

I have come across many editorials and letters in your newspaper critical of Islam and Muslims. This is an unfortunate development created by misinformation, propaganda and insinuation by the media. We must be thoughtful in our evaluation of the information supplied to us.

For example, the media do not report that there are women's rights in Muslim countries. In the mid 1990s, there were three elected women prime ministers from Muslim countries: Bangladesh, Pakistan and Turkey. We have never elected a woman president in this country.

Muslims are also for peace. In 2005 and 2006, Muslims won the Noble Peace Prize -- the first for the reduction of nuclear arms, and the second for facilitating micro-loans for eliminating poverty and hunger.

I. A. Jilani




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