Don't applaud Congress for failing

We should be outraged at the activities of the federal government. It continues to break the law despite its recent rhetoric.


Congress failed in its primary responsibility -- to evaluate the president's budget and appropriate monies to fund constitutional activities of government.

Fiscal year 2011 began Oct. 1 with none of the appropriations bills passed. As is customary, Congress passed two continuing resolutions with deadlines of Dec. 4 and 18 to fund the government. The leadership then used extortion to force the rest of House and Senate members to vote for legislation they would normally defeat.

The line-item veto would not be necessary if Congress ever passed a "clean" bill. The bill to prevent tax increases on Jan. 1 forced Congress to extend unemployment compensation (UC) another 13 months. The 2 percent decrease in payroll deductions will be an excellent stimulus.

It is strange that putting more in workers' wallets was not tried earlier.

The bailouts of unions and mismanaged states obviously did not work. We are "heartless and without compassion for fellow Americans" if we do not extend UC to 99 weeks plus 13 months at Hanukkah and Christmas! It is possible that those folks on UC after 99 weeks are waiting for jobs that will never return.

Over three years of UC is as dumb as FDR's program to kill and bury hogs and dump milk down sewers in the 1930s when Americans went hungry. As Margaret Thatcher said, socialism [central planning] fails because eventually you run out of other peoples' money!

If you have read my letters to the editor, then you know I favor the Fair Tax as the needed stimulus. Barack Hussein Obama has been anti-business. Whether he is a socialist or simply anti-colonialist, his policies work against a business recovery since they are anti-capitalist. At least one federal judge has also agreed that the policies are also illegal (unconstitutional).

Chuck Tatum

North Augusta, S.C.