Accommodating bicycles is just smart

From what I hear and see and read, we in Columbia County and our neighbors in the CSRA are not a very bicycle-friendly community.


Obviously bicycling is one of the healthiest family activities. With our population being nearly 50 percent overweight, we and our shortsighted politicians should strongly promote bicycle and walking paths.

With congressional approval ratings at 13 percent, do you expect strong commonsense leadership?

Cyclists have every right to use our roads and should be encouraged and protected -- certainly they are taxpayers too. Do SUV drivers know their gas taxes fall 35 percent short of maintaining the road and bridge infrastructure in our state? Wait until gas prices go to $ 6 a gallon -- maybe the Brits are not smarter than we are, but they drive a nice station wagon with a turbo charged Diesel getting 44 mpg.

We should assess our community's biking infrastructure. Do we have any connected network of street bike lanes? Do public buildings and others offer bike parking? Do we have maps showing interconnected bike ways?

Wake up, people, and give the smart bikers every courtesy you can.

S.G. von Schweinitz




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