New hockey team is worth your time

After this past weekend, I would like long-suffering hockey fans in Augusta to know that the RiverHawks, and Southern Professional Hockey League hockey, returned to the old rock-'em, sock-'em hockey that was so popular here in the earlier Lynx days. We may have lost both games, but they were extremely hard-fought, and the caliber of play was considerably higher than any of the Lynx teams of the past five years.

Those who fondly remember our first real enforcer, Dan Kopec, will be reminded greatly of his play when they see Kevin Fukala play. He does his pre-game practice with no hat on, showing off his mohawk haircut to intimidate somewhat. On the ice, he's now 2-for-2 in two games, winning each bout with one single punch.

Fighting is not the whole story in a hockey game at all, but those of you who missed the old days of rough hockey here: It's back! Plus, this team is a much better skating, harder checking and better passing and shooting team than any of the past five or six Lynx teams, regardless of league.

It's entertaining sport, and I urge the folks to come out and support this team. You'll get more than your money's worth with the RiverHawks. They're in fourth place, six points out of first. Catch them tonight and Saturday.

Sam G. Roney



Sat, 12/16/2017 - 20:23

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