Educate our students the right way

I am concerned about the negative direction of educating our students. Teachers are expected to ensure all children receive a high school diploma. This idea is totally unreasonable!


Education should be based on students' intelligence and motivation. Some students should not be expected to remain in the typical school setting for 12 years. After the eighth grade, school counselors, teachers and parents can direct the path of the student who doesn't have the IQ or motivation to further his education with an academic high school diploma. At the ninth-grade level, this student should be allowed to continue his remaining school years in a training school (service jobs, etc.) or a trade school (automotive, manufacturing, labor, etc.).

One of the main purposes in receiving a high school diploma is for a student to be able to secure the best job possible for his or her intelligence and motivation. Students who further their education with a college degree should be granted free counseling on the job opportunities that will be available to them after they graduate.

Far too many students have completed college and can't secure jobs in the fields they studied. Counselors should have told students what the job market would need in the next four to five years. Industry and businesses should work closely with high schools.

Another concern of mine is the huge number of people on welfare. In high school, students openly tell their teachers they are pregnant, and seem to be proud of it. A solution to this problem would be for the fathers of the children and the fathers' parents, along with the girls and their parents, to take responsibility of supplying the needs of these children. No assistance should be granted from the government. The government is broke!

The children should be given up for adoption if those responsible can't provide for these children. In many cases it would be best for the children. These precious babies could be adopted by loving parents who can take responsibility for rearing these children.

Nita Zachow

(The writer is a retired educator.)



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