Preserve nation's Christian principles

Ever since America was established by its Founding Fathers (who, by the way, were Christians), just about every political, religious or loony individual and/or organization has attempted to change it to suit their own concept of what it ought to be, or destroy it altogether.


During my 80 years, I have seen many changes -- some of which I am proud of because I believe they made America more Christ-oriented. What I don't like is seeing our government giving in to non-Christian principles, under the guise of "being fair to everybody."

I read nothing in the Constitution that even hints America must be changed to protect or promote the rights of those who want to overthrow or "remake" it. I say they are welcome here, but if they don't like a "Christian America," then go somewhere else -- but don't try to make America into that "somewhere else."

I am convinced the American citizens are partly to blame for the loss of some of our freedoms. I believe, from the beginning, any time the authorities demanded or moved in to dismantle a Christian symbol, every business and house in the town or city should have erected one in front of their place. They couldn't have put everybody in jail.

Is it too late to start? Only true Americans can answer that. Today, when someone bids me "happy holidays," I answer, "No -- merry Christmas." If everyone would do that, at least that's a start.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

J.F. Rodgers

Clearwater, S.C.