Tax fight is a political smokescreen

The latest government scam is a game played by both parties, pretending to fight about "extending the Bush tax cuts."


These "cuts" are merely the present tax rates and have been in operation for some time -- thus, (1) they are no longer cutting anything, and (2) they still allow government far too much money.

To fix our government, we must cut taxes, agencies, departments, programs, government size and government power -- and with cuts of major proportions, not just "extending" something already in place. We got in this mess while under the "Bush tax cuts." So obviously, they helped knock us into the present hole.

The apparent fight between the Democrats and the GOP is just a showbiz game politicians play while, in the background, both parties have big plans for bigger taxes and less freedom. To make a deal on this won't cure anything, so when you hear a politician -- conservative or liberal -- harping about it, watch your back.

Bill Dekle




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