Brighten holidays at home and at work

It is the holiday season once again -- shopping to do, decorations to set up, meals to plan, trips to make, etc. It is also is the time of year when tensions rise, tempers run short, stress increases exponentially, health deteriorates and nerves are frazzled.


However, it should be the season that is the most enjoyable of the year. It is about thinking of others; giving freely to help those less fortunate; thanking those who have helped make us the good people that we are; and being grateful we live in a country where, even in the tough times, it is better than anywhere else for ourselves and our families.

These sentiments apply also to our jobs. We virtually spend more waking hours with co-workers than we spend with our own families. And as a secondary family, all of the above-listed negative items can be at higher levels than in our personal lives. But at the same time, we need to make the same effort in our relationships at work that we would in our personal lives. Again, it is the season of fresh starts.

I request that everyone truly make the effort to improve their relationships with one another starting with this season and moving forward. Attitudes need to improve. Cooperation needs to be better. Willingness to help any and all other staff, if needed, is paramount. I have seriously considered these things in respect to myself before asking them of others.

The negative comments, the rumor mill, talking negatively about others, and all other counterproductive activity must end. It is beneath the integrity of us as individuals and the professionalism of us as workers.

I absolutely love this time of year, and hope this season may be a special one for all of us both at work and home. Let's focus on the true meaning of the holidays and apply as much of it in our lives as we can.

T.J. Midla




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