Times call for increased need for prayer



Recently The Augusta Chronicle featured a front-page article about killings and societal change, even in smaller towns ("Recent killings hit home," Nov. 24). The people quoted in the article were calling for a return to discipline, morality and prayer in the schools as ways to address grave problems of violence and drug abuse among our youth. Thankfully, change can go both ways.

Prayer changes things -- or, more accurately, prayer offered to almighty God in the name of Jesus releases His power for matters on Earth. Ever since prayer was removed from the public schools in 1962, statistical measures of student and societal well-being have steadily declined, agreeing with the real-life observation of many, such as those cited in The Chronicle's article. However, for the past 25 years, an alternative means of providing prayer blessing for children and schools has arisen.

Moms In Touch International, an interdenominational prayer movement, affects children in schools worldwide for Christ by gathering mothers to pray, not in the schools, but for the schools. Women throughout the CSRA, in all 50 states and more than 120 nations are finding that their one-hour-a-week prayer investments do make a difference.

Mothers and grandmothers group together by schools, and see answers in everything from their child's performance to encouragement for teachers to thwarting of potential harm. Dads, teachers and churches are welcome to adapt this effective method of group intercession. The ministry website, momsintouch.org, has further information, including how to locate a group for your school.

There is hope.

(The writer is the United States' Southeast regional director for Moms in Touch International.)



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