Points of view are trumping the facts



Because producers manipulate scenes to produce the greatest dramatic effect, I almost never watch "reality" shows. I have never watched Dancing With The Stars . As Will Rogers said, "Well, all I know is what I read in the papers." And what I have read is ugly.

Friends who have watched this season with Bristol Palin say she was indeed the least capable dancer of the season but, throughout the weeks of the show, the most improved. Regardless, the comments I have read about Miss Palin have been rude and ignoble. Whether they could dance or not, I cannot imagine Chelsea Clinton, Malia Obama or Sasha Obama being subjected to such meanness. I cannot even imagine the haters talking about Jenna Bush and Barbara Bush in such fashion.

An article in The Augusta Chronicle described Bristol Palin as finishing in "last place." Actually, she finished third out of 11 competitors who began the competition. And that reminded me of a story from another mean time. A track-and-field competition was held between the United States and Soviet Russia. The U.S. team finished first, Russia second. TASS, the official Soviet news agency, gave the only report the Russian people read: "Our glorious Soviet team finished second in a multinational competition. The decadent Americans finished next to last."

So much depends on your point of view. And points of view, rather than facts, have taken over so much of our society.

David Sisler




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