True character revealed behind mask



I have an idea I want to suggest, and I want to give us time enough to prepare for it. It's about Halloween -- next Halloween, to be specific. That's the time, as everyone knows, we put on masks and hide our identities from everyone else. Even our closest friends do not recognize us then.

What if, for instance, instead of putting masks on that day, we take them off? You know, the ones we are already wearing. That would be a scare, wouldn't it? Would our friends then be able to recognize us? Just asking the question.

As we move forward in the upcoming political season, the questions become, "Can we deal with reality?" and "Are we more comfortable dealing with the world of fantasy -- where we, like our politicians, mask ourselves?" Politicians have adapted quite well to the art of hypocrisy -- that is, masking themselves. I guess that's why we call most of them hypocrites. I guess they have to be, to be successful. And that's to our shame. We demand nothing more.

One of our most successful politicians in the area was the late Sen. Strom Thurmond. Not only did he wear masks, he knew when and where to wear them. In private audiences with blacks in Edgefield County, he was not the Negro-hating Southerner that most people outside of Edgefield County saw. He was compassionate and giving, I'm told, by black people who were acquainted with him. Even his interracial daughter has attested to that.

However, knowing that we are dealing with politicians who wear many masks, let us not put our faith so much in what they tell us, but rather in what they show us.

In the upcoming Congress, the Republicans have a chance to lead, now that they have to take off the "no" mask and put on the "show" mask. We'll be watching the next two years to see who they really are. I really want to know, and I'll hold judgment for now and wait and see.

Grady Abrams




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