Memorialize violence victims with wall



The city of Augusta has had enough of violence, death and murder. We have opened the doors to help so many who needed help. Now the time has come to remember the innocent victims killed on our streets.

Therefore, The United Coalition for Humanity has officially begun a campaign to erect in Augusta the first marble Victims Memorial Wall -- remembering innocent babies, men and women who lost their lives to violence.

The wall will serve as a lasting testament to their memories, and as a constant reminder that we will never stop fighting for peace. In addition, it shall stand as a symbol of unity and healing for all who wish to join the families in making this tribute a reality, as one donor has promised to do.

Parents and the community, we must do our part to help change the lives of our children. As II Chronicles 7:14 tell us to pray, God will "hear from heaven" and heal the land. If not, we will live in hope, but die in despair.

The Rev. Larry Fryer


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