Wrest freedoms back from politicians



We are blessed to wake up in a country that is free. However, we have allowed politicians to take away our American spirit and our freedom.

The president's job is to defend this country and protect our people -- period! Yet, every day he is taking over businesses, announcing new ways of spending one person's hard-earned money to give to someone else, and pitting one group against another.

Congress could stop it. Their job is to make laws to protect us, keep us free and to keep this country financially sound. Instead, they are caving in to lobbyists or their own party's whims to get "the vote."

Look in the mirror! We as individuals are at fault. We have allowed this. Freebies are not free; they come at the cost of sweat from someone else. Our freedom comes from sacrifices made by our military and their families.

We are "We the People." Will we continue down the same old road, or will we take charge of our lives?

Joy Randolph