Sias will bring true change to District 4



Finally, the District 4 Commissioner's race has a candidate who shows the potential and experience to tackle the tough issues we are facing in south Augusta.

To their credit, each candidate shows strength of character and dedication, but only one, Sammy Sias, has not only identified potential areas of concern for the taxpayers of District 4, but usually has been the first to arrive at the best solutions. Mr. Sias is very adept at problem-solving, and has proved himself a tireless advocate for the people of District 4.

While it is useful to meet and share ideas, the time will come when you must make the decision to act on those ideas, or change will never be realized. That is the primary difference between Mr. Sias and the other candidates. Mr. Sias has a proven record of action that has resulted in positive change.

Kathryn Capizzi




Sun, 12/17/2017 - 19:29

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