Vote for Grady Smith, his experience in District 10 race



There appears to be several elected officials, some civic leaders and now The Augusta Chronicle's editorial board who are convinced that "young" is more important than "experienced" when discussing who's best qualified for the Augusta Commission's Super 10 District seat. They seem to be locked into the thought process that having a "youthful perspective" qualifies a candidate as being in the ranks of the best and brightest.

My support is for Grady Smith. Grady is a lifelong resident of Richmond County, not a relative newcomer who has yet to pay Richmond County taxes. Grady has owned and managed a large HVAC and plumbing business longer than his opponent has been alive. Both candidates are new to politics; neither has served in a county elected office.

Would you rather elect someone to oversee your county check book who will be making decisions that directly affect you -- who has, for the past 35-plus years, lived and breathed successful management decision-making; enjoyed accumulating a proven and successful business know-how track-record; and has been both a taxpayer and voting resident of Richmond County for the past 45 years?

Or would you rather have a commissioner who is lacking in managerial experience; has never been in charge of a large business operation; and who has been a voting resident of this county, at best, for only a few years, and has yet to pay any Richmond County taxes?

As for community service, it will be years before this young man can equal Grady's work for our area.

Simply put, the county government is a very large business, and must be operated as one. Grady brings an abundance of successful experience to the table; his opponent does not, simply because he has none.

You are not born with experience; you learn it as you go through life. Therefore, a "youthful perspective" is not now nor will it ever be a substitute for experience.



Sun, 02/25/2018 - 00:25

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