Lower taxes for the working class



No, I am not an economist. Not by a long shot. However, based on the information and predictions we have been getting from people in the financial world, I feel that my opinions and my predictions in the world of economics are just as valuable. Economists have been wrong so many times that we do not know whom to believe.

We say that we are a capitalistic society and that our economy operates best on those principles, and those alone. We frown on the word "socialism" because we see it as a system of government controls, which stifles creativity, entrepreneurship and economic growth.

This election is pretty much based on the state of the economy and how best to fix it. Republicans are saying that getting government out of people's lives and lowering taxes for business is the way to grow the economy. Democrats are saying that government has a place in people's lives, which I believe. We cannot trust the "haves" to be their brothers' keepers. Somebody has to keep an eye on them.

Take for instance, as the economy stands today: What private entity is going to increase employment in a sluggish economy, even with government help, when the demand is not there for goods and services? Creating that demand is critical to economic growth.

Lowering the tax rate of the working class, not business, is the way to stimulate the economy. Letting more money stay in people's pockets is the way to go, if we want to get this economy back on its feet. President Reagan showed us what giving tax breaks to the rich -- hoping the benefits would trickle down to the working class -- would do to the economy. Those benefits stayed in the pockets of the rich, and the results are still being felt today. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer.

Do not go for the hype this election cycle and be fooled again, as we were fooled in the 1980s with the policies of the rich.