Is lottery money really funding schools?

So the burning question is still: What's up with the Georgia Lottery?


Isn't some of this money supposed to help fund our dismal education system? Kids are being turned into salespeople to keep their schools afloat -- my son was introduced to this in pre-K. Pre-K! But like everything else in this state, Atlanta does and always will get the lion's share of federal funds as well as, apparently, the lottery money -- while the rest of the state fights over the crumbs.

I wonder if the Georgia Lottery has any accountants. There are millions of people buying tickets 24/7/365, and with the occasional payoff, there has to be a little left over.

Why must education suffer, which in turn means our kids, the parents, teachers and economy suffer? Then the first thing you hear on the news is how far behind we are other states in education.

Clay Howard




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