Doug Lively belongs in District 8 seat



I read with interest Sylvia Cooper's City Ink column ("Invitation mystery solved, and 800 enjoyed barbecue," Sept. 25) quoting Joe Jackson as reporting 215 people attended a rally for District 8 Augusta Commission candidate Wayne Guilfoyle.

Several days before the rally I answered a knock on my door to find Mr. Guilfoyle. He invited me to attend his function. Even after telling him I was supporting his opponent, Doug Lively, he insisted I come.

So, I was in attendance at the fish fry at Mrs. B's restaurant. I counted the number attending, for comparison purposes. The best, most generous, count I could muster was around 80 people. The building can only hold about 70 seated patrons. I find Mr. Jackson's report to be disingenuous.

I also believe you are judged by the company you keep. I recall when a vote was taken to relocate the Richmond County Sheriff's Office to the Southgate Shopping Center. This move could have fortified a police presence in south Augusta and helped create a wave of private redevelopment. Two of the south Augusta commissioners attending Guilfoyle's event voted "no," opting rather to spend on a new building across the street from 401 Walton Way. The vote failed by a 6-to-4 margin.

I'm supporting a candidate who's committed to representing the residents of District 8, and working together with other commissioners for the improvement of south Augusta. What's good for south Augusta is good for all of Augusta, especially when we increase the number of taxpaying residents, grow our outlying areas to attract young professionals and discourage flight to surrounding counties.

I'm supporting a candidate who will state the truth, regardless of whether it helps or hinders his cause. Integrity is an important component in any candidate. I believe Doug Lively is that candidate. I'm even more sure after reading Mrs. Cooper's column.


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