Letter unleashed hatchet job on Deal



Has it been 30 days or more? It must have, as evidenced by Lowell Greenbaum's Sept. 23 epistle ("Would voters elect a debtor governor?") chastising Nathan Deal for having money problems, and praising Roy Barnes for releasing his personal tax records.

Who doesn't have money problems? How many of us would have given so generously to family members? Barack Obama? His brother lives in Africa in complete squalor while an aunt resides in public housing in Massachusetts -- while Barack and Michelle make millions annually, and refuse to send their children to a public school.

Greenbaum, the Richmond County Democratic Party chairman, discussed Roy Barnes. Very well. Barnes owned 25 percent of an engineering firm that received $19 million in state and local government contracts. Respectfully, we had a term of Roy, remember? He got fired, in case you forgot.

Greenbaum ends with, "We don't need his debts." We will not be paying them. Perhaps he confused Deal with Charles Rangel. Deal's real-world experiences put him in the position of knowing what Georgians and millions of other Americans are going through.

Three months after Nixon resigned, the Republicans lost 48 seats in Congress. In less than two years of Bill Clinton, the Democrats lost 53 plus numerous gubernatorial and mayoral contests. The events of Nov. 2 may very well create a significant emotional event for Greenbaum and the national press corps, and ignorant swallowers of the Jim Jones-type hype that surrounded the 2008 election cycle.

Barack Hussein Obama, and the Pelosi House and Reid Senate, rattled tens of millions of cages whose gates were ajar. When the dust settles and the numbers have been certified, will Greenbaum blame George Bush, or the Democratic Party's policies and practices?

Lee Benedict


Would voters elect a debtor governor?